Re-Charge Our Serenity

I often speak of our comfort system – our relaxed state – and how we are meant to be there most of the time. For many people, the pace of life, anxiety or the lingering effects of trauma  keeps them in their fight-or-flight system most of time. This can lead us to feeling frayed, frazzled, overwhelmed and exhausted. A past client once spoke about how he goes to water to ‘recharge my serenity.’ He spoke about growing up near Lake Superior and how going to any body of water and getting out in his fishing boat for an evening or an afternoon helps him to recharge.

I  am drawn to the way he described the process of moving from an anxious or overworked state to a relaxed one. When we consciously make choices to recharge our serenity, we are inviting peace and calmness into ourselves; we become more aware of our spirit.

And so let us make sure that recharging our serenity is a part of our daily plan – getting outside in nature, through prayer, meditation and gratitude, through seeking meaningful connection with others, through music, quiet time, laughter, the purposeful seeking of joy. Creating the space for the recharge will help us to feel grounded and settled.

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