Re-Connecting with Ourselves; Post 3

In our series on re-connecting with our different selves, today we focus on our intellectual self and the health of our brain:

  • Be creative. Part of what keeps our brain working well and our ability to be open minded is creativity. It might be to try something new, consider a new hobby or interest, decide to learn a new skill.
  • Consciously choose what we pay attention to. What do our social media newsfeeds look like? Are we mindlessly watching TV? What about our podcasts? What we intentionally listen to matters. 
  • A growth mindset. When we focus on the goal of being objective and open, we allow for the growth and flexibility of our brain.
  • The goal of lifelong learning. Having the mindset that we are always in a state of learning helps to keep our brains healthy.

Our intellectual self goes beyond intellect. It is about feeling as though we are focusing on what we need for our brains to get the most out of what we are absorbing. When we consciously choose, we create the space for a sense of being settled in ourselves. Tomorrow’s post will focus on our spiritual self.

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