Re-Connecting with Ourselves; Post 2

Yesterday’s post began a series on re-connecting with our different selves. Today we look at our emotional or psychological self and how we can work to enhance it’s optimal health:

  • Self-reflection. This is one of the most important elements of psychological movement and growth. When we have an overall goal to examine our internal space; how we view ourselves, our developed patterns, the relationship dynamics we have formed and how our past has impacted us, we open up the doors of opportunity and change. It is through understanding and acceptance that change can occur, and self-reflection is an important element of that process.
  • Curiosity. We can never underestimate the value of curiosity – it is our number one tool against fear (which keeps us stuck), and it helps us to gain objectivity which is an important element of allowing both our emotion and logic to view situations. Curiosity is also the process that allows us to ask ourselves “Does it have to be this way?”
  • Acceptance. Sometimes the need to control our environment, a situation or another person can create in us a form of rigidity which moves in direct opposition to the need for flexibility. Recognizing that we can only change ourselves, and that there are always going to be things we cannot change about life’s circumstances allows us to move with those changes and not against them.

Our psychological self is an important part of how we feel grounded and settled. Tomorrow’s post will examine our intellectual self.

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