Re-Connecting with Ourselves; Post 1

There are times when we recognize that we aren’t feeling balanced. Perhaps we are putting emphasis on things that take us away from ourselves; perhaps life gets in the way and we find ourselves on the back burner. In any case, when we recognize that we are feeling a bit uncentered, we can begin to incorporate small things that will make a difference over time – leading us to feeling an overall sense of groundedness.

We have sides of our self that include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual components. In order for us to feel balanced, we can begin to examine what tweaks (if any) need to be made so as to feel movement and growth. We will look at each of these components in the next few posts, with an emphasis simply on achievable tips for tuning into each sense of self. Today we begin with physical self:

  • Recognize the importance of movement. We all know the benefits of exercise – but this tip is really about movement. Are we getting enough and how can we begin to increase movement so as to make it habitual? Recently my daughter and I did a “learn to bachata” video on Youtube and had so much fun learning the dance moves. We also felt pretty good about ourselves when we were finally able to keep up with the instructors!
  • Sleep.  Getting enough sleep and/or forming good bedtime habits will often give us the right amount that we need to feel rested. When we feel rested, we feel physically and emotionally stronger.
  • Hygiene. We can’t underestimate taking care of ourselves by way of how we present ourselves – not for others, or the world, but for ourselves.
  • Nutrition. Our health begins at home – and in the pantry 🙂

These elements tend to be fundamental to our physical sense of self. Examining what our bodies need to be running effectively is the first step in implementing little changes to feeling better and increasing our physical sense of self. Tomorrow’s post will look at our emotional self.

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