A Little Reminder About Curiosity

In order to experience growth in our lives, we need to be curious. It is, after all, the greatest challenger of fear. When our fear response is activated, we become very focused on what threatens us – both real and perceived. It is the perceived fears that will hold us back; that will keep us stuck.

When we begin to question the validity of the fear, we begin to loosen its grip.

“Does it have to be this way?” “What would happen if I looked at this differently?” “What would it feel like to begin to explore the possibility of an alternative (job, relationship, habit, etc.)?” “Can I tolerate the discomfort of trying something new?”

When something feels unfamiliar, we fear it and therefore assume it must be avoided. And yet, sometimes what feels familiar isn’t healthy. It is the realization of this that allows curiosity to begin its lovely work of gently reminding fear that although valued for keeping us safe, it is also time to step aside. After all, we have work to do 🙂

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jkmills

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