A Little Reminder About Resilience; Post 3

I have quoted Morgan Harper Nichols many times on this blog. I love the way she composes her words to reach how we can feel on any given day. This quote wraps up our small series on resilience:

“There will be days when you are certain you are over it. There will be days you feel everything all over again. But no matter the day, there will be songs to listen to. And when you don’t feel like singing, there will be rhythms to breathe to, for grace is still at work in you.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@leo_visions_

2 thoughts on “A Little Reminder About Resilience; Post 3”

  1. I love to consider the reassuring thought that grace is still at work within us, when we look back we can see this to be true. Hard as it might be to get to the point we can have perspective.


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