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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one in which an individual may have difficulty both in communicating and in social interactions. We often see autistic children repeat certain patterns of behaviour, and have limited interests. Although ASD is considered a neurological disorder, there is also no exact cause; what is suspected is that genetics and environment both play a role.

Autism Ontario is a website that can be quite useful in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder. It features a link on getting a diagnosis, as well as programs and services for both adults and youth.

They offer webinars as a wonderful way to keep informed of developments in research, provide resources and to gain strategies as to how to best advocate and navigate.

There is also an Ottawa chapter.

Suspecting that our child might be on the autism spectrum can be frightening; with the proper diagnosis, information and support, however we can better navigate and accept. For our goal regardless, is to honour our children for who they are and how they perceive and experience the world.

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