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We live in a technological world and as a result, there are many advantages to our daily lives that have been improved by technology. Unfortunately, it also creates the space for cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

The Cyberbullying Research Center defines cyberstalking as: “Cyberstalking involves the use of technology (most often, the Internet!) to make someone else afraid or concerned about their safety. Generally speaking, this conduct is threatening or otherwise fear-inducing, involves an invasion of a person’s relative right to privacy, and manifests in repeated actions over time. Most of the time, those who cyberstalk use social media, Internet databases, search engines, and other online resources to intimidate, follow, and cause anxiety or terror to others.”

Cyberstalking usually involves someone you know; an ex-partner or fallen-out friend. Comparitech, a company dedicated to in-depth tech research, notes that cyberstalking constitutes as criminal harassment and lists examples which “include sending harassing messages, gathering information about the victim (including using spyware), engaging in “cyber-smearing” (attempts to destroy the victim’s reputation), tracking a victim using GPS technology, and sending malware to the victim’s computer, among others.”

In order to protect ourselves and our family members from such events, we can begin by tightening the reins to our privacy and security. If you would like to read an in-depth article highlighting how to do this, follow this link:

Tomorrow’s post will provide tips on how to create boundaries with an ex-partner.

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