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I have recently discovered a podcast by Rachel and Dave Hollis entitled “Rise Together.” In it, they give some common sense advice for making your relationship stronger. In one of their first episodes, they talk about the intention of the relationship; an element that focuses on recognizing that without active motive and purpose, relationships can get static. Two tips that work towards intention:

  • Identifying 5 core values for your relationship. Rachel notes that sitting together and asking yourselves “When our relationship is at its best, what do we love about it, what are we best at?” as a starting point to the conversation. Establishing core values to the relationship helps to keep you accountable to yourself and to each other as a way to achieve growth.
  • Have weekly check-ins, quarterly reviews and an annual retreat. This is alone time as a couple; Rachel and Dave note that they have a weekly date night but they also sit down together on Sundays to look at their week from a practical perspective. Quarterly reviews are ones in which they have a conversation about how they are each both feeling in the relationship; both their joys and their struggles. And the annual retreat? Vacay without the kids :)

To listen to the full podcast: https://www.risetogetherpodcast.com/episodes/

It is important to note that once you get to the link, you will need to scroll down to the episode entitled: “Your Relationship is Either Growing or Its Dying”

Photo credit: http://Photo by mohammad alizade on Unsplash

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