The Secure Comfort of Cycles

I often talk about our comfort system. That is the feeling we have when we are at rest and can feel the calm. There are times when we have to be active in nourishing our comfort system with consciously choosing our self-care activities, but there are times when things already built into the world around us bring us security and consistency.

One such place is nature and the inherent cycle that it is propelled to deliver. I like to walk in the forest on a regular basis and it is during a changing of the seasons that I have come to appreciate the stability and consistency of nature’s cycle. First, I will see the ferns, popping themselves out of the earth, their little fiddle heads all curled up. Next,  come the Trillium with their delicate, three-pointed bud and soon I can be assured that the fragrant Lily of the Valley will follow.

While there is always room for spontaneity, our comfort system likes routine and the roundness of things. We like our feet planted on the ground; being outside in nature allows us to inherently appreciate the secure comfort of cycles. 🙂

Photo credit: Me!

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2 thoughts on “The Secure Comfort of Cycles”

  1. We went for a walk in a park in montreal and there were an incredible varieties of birds. The deer were within 6 ft of me. the chickadees landed on my hand. amazing experience. so consoling


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