SEEDS of a Healthy Brain; Work of Dr. John Arden – Post 1

Today will start a 5 post series on the work of Dr. John Arden; his study of neuropsychology has led him to creating what he calls the SEEDS of a healthy brain. Combining neuroscience and psychotherapy, Dr. Arden proposes that there are 5 factors that keep the brain healthy. In “Re-wire Your Brain” he states:

“If you plant seeds and cultivate them on a regular basis, then, as you get older, your brain will last longer. You’ll have less stress and better memory capacity.”

The 5 SEEDS are social interaction, exercise, education, diet and sleep.

Today we will look more closely at the first seed, Social Interaction. “We know now that those who are lonely or socially isolated get dementia symptoms sooner than people who have robust social support,” Arden says.

When we actively create a support circle through our families, friends, neighbours or church community, we increase our sense of connection thereby calming our nervous system by increasing oxytocin (the feel good hormome) and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone.) We also sees increases in energy level and attention, as well as the ability to problem solve. Not to mention having more fun.

By tapping into the brain’s natural ability to connect with others, Arden posits that social interaction is an important factor in creating a healthy brain. Call a friend, join a team sport, plan vacations with loved ones, build your time to include family and friends – it will do your brain good :)

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Information for this post was partially found in the following article by Shane Cochrane:

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