Self-Care for a Grey Day

This time of year often brings the grey days of fall and we can find ourselves in the house, feeling a bit blue. Recognizing that we might need a cozy self-care day, here are a few ideas:

  • Cuddle up on the couch with blankets, loved ones, popcorn and a feel-good movie.
  • Bake a favourite recipe; focusing on comfort food.
  • Write a letter to someone – the old fashioned way.
  • Have a home spa day – candles, a warm bath, pedicure.
  • Enjoy a warm drink while sitting down to read a book.
  • Visit memory lane by looking through old photo albums.
  • Go to a cafe, sit by the window, enjoy the atmosphere of fall.
  • Walk on a leaf-covered trail.
  • Laugh with re-runs of a funny TV program.
  • Indulge and take an afternoon nap.

Although grey days have the potential to make us feel blue, we can proactively change our inner climate by focusing on the cozy and feeding our comfort system.

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