Little Bits of Self-Care

Sometimes I have to send an attachment email from my home account to my work account. In the text portion of the email, I greet myself with “Hello Beautiful!” I kind of forget I do it, and then I am greeted with a lovely sentiment when I open the email 🙂

When we think of self-care, our first thoughts often go to a day at the spa, or an afternoon off. Although that is a necessary part of our regime of self-care and acts as a healthy escape, we can also have bits of self-care that add up during our day:

  •  listening to music when making a meal
  • taking a 10 minute walk at lunch outside
  • pay it forward at the drive through
  • unplugging for your first 30 minutes home (you won’t miss it!)
  • dancing in the kitchen with your kids
  • plan a lunch with a colleague
  • listening to a funny podcast when driving
  • snuggles on the couch with your pet
  • jotting down a gratitude thought
  • holding hands with your spouse when you are both falling asleep
  • leaving yourself a love note 🙂

When we consciously focus on our comfort system in little ways, we feel better supported. Our tanks have less of a tendency to reach their tipping point and those bits of self-care help to bridge us over to our next day at the spa 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Little Bits of Self-Care”

  1. Might I add reading “Morning Wise from Anchor Your Day”? Small pieces of delight make a huge difference, just as small cumulative stressors can exhaust us. It truly is the little things that make a difference. I’m going to try your email idea, genius!

    • Hi Brian, I suppose that is a valid fear although I suppose in your struggle to say good things about yourself, you display a humility that would most likely prevent you from becoming egotistical. If you have difficulty with a “love note” to yourself, perhaps your bits of self-care can come in other forms….working up to being able to say something nice about yourself 🙂


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