Self-Care Ideas During the Holidays

I have to say that this year I feel ahead of the game for Christmas. A positive by-product of the pandemic, we have more time to prepare for the upcoming holiday – I did a lot of my shopping online, we sent a box of gifts to my aunt who lives in the United States (and sadly can’t come to Canada for Christmas), the house is decorated and most of my wrapping is done.  It has also made me realize how rushed I felt last year and how important some self-care at this time of the year is. Focusing on things that feed our comfort system can help temper the busyness of the holiday season. We may not be able to attend Christmas socials and concerts this year but we can create a joyful holiday experience:

  • Make some hot chocolate to go and take drives to look at holiday lights.
  • Create a holiday play list of your favourite Christmas tunes.
  • Settle down for a cozy night on the couch with a Christmas movie.
  • Burn pine scented candles.
  • Set up a birdfeeder. Many of us are still working from home; it is comforting to see the chickadees flitter back and forth to the feeder.
  • Take a walk in the snowy forest.
  • Enjoy the scent of comfort food by making soup in the crock pot or baking cookies.
  • Use peppermint lotion or soap.
  • Do some colouring in a holiday themed colouring book.
  • Do a Christmas puzzle.

There are countless ways that we can create some joyful moments this holiday season. Feel free to comment with some of your ideas!

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