Self-Care Ideas for the Fall

One word that always comes to mind in the midst of the Fall season is cozy. One of the things that is a part of my self-care routine is carving out time to read….in the summer, I love my three season porch as it allows me to feel the evening breeze and hear the sounds of outside. In the fall, I find myself curled up in my armchair, with the fireplace on – cozy. 🙂

Self-care is something to aspire to every day, all year round. As we immerse ourselves into the beauty of this season, here are some specific Fall self-care ideas:

  • – Go through your summer wardrobe. If you didn’t wear it, donate it to charity.
  • – Write down some things about this season that you are grateful for.
  • – Cook some traditional fall dishes; bake with pumpkin and spice.
  •  Enjoy a walk outside with Fall colours.
  •  Visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin farm.
  •  Light a fall scented candle.
  • Pull out the Fall scented hand creams.
  • Go for a drive in the mountains.
  • Take a Fall crafting class.
  • Enjoy a pumpkin latte with a friend.
  • Buy yourself a cozy new sweater or blanket.
  • Write down a “Fall Bucket List.”
  • Create some positive affirmations about the changing of the seasons.
  • Read a book by the cozy fireplace.

As you can see, there are many ways that we can incorporate Fall self-care ideas into this season. Have any others? Feel free to share by way of commenting!

Photo credit: http://Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Self-Care Ideas for the Fall”

  1. This is the season I return to making soup on Sunday afternoons, to using the slow cooker, to engaging in weird squirrel behaviour where I stock the pantry as if going into hibernation. For me there is immense satisfaction in feeling ready for the winter to come. Also the season to look at winter get aways, even if I have no notion of actually going! But even better if I do go.


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