Self-Reflection Goals for 2020

Coming upon the turn into a new year, we often begin thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. This post is similar, but instead are listed a series of simple statements that we can use as smaller stepping stones to bigger goals:

  • A book I’d like to read:
  • A movie or TV series I would like to re-watch:
  • A self-care activity I would like to increase:
  • A new food I would like to try:
  • A new place I would like to visit:
  • A creative activity I would like to try:
  • A healthy habit I would like to increase:
  • A way for me to strengthen connections with those I care about:

Curiousity is one of the ways that we allow movement and growth. Answering these types of questions (or creating some of your own), can help us to achieve a sense of accomplishment while working towards the bigger goal of creating balance in our lives.

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