Self-Reflection Question 8

Today, in our ongoing series of self-reflection questions (the rest can be found in the categories section), we focus on:

“Am I achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself?”

Soon we will be entering a new year. As 2020 approaches, we can begin to ask ourselves if we have been working towards the goals we have set for ourselves. Sometimes those goals come in the form of New Year’s resolutions; other times they may have been goals that are more general in nature such as “I want to travel more,” or “I need to slow down the pace of my life.” They can be work related, personal, linked to our physical health, involve reducing a bad habit, or something tied to our emotional health.

In any case, we are much better served to become quite specific about our goal. Want to travel more? Have the next two trips planned out in terms of timeline and where you would like to go. Set aside time in your calendar 2 months before to book flights and accommodations; as soon as those are complete, the fun planning begins!

Want to reduce a bad habit? Write down the best way you are going to get there with tangible stepping stones and a timeline. Do I need professional help to guide me? Need to be part of a connected group? What are the specific behaviours I need to do in order to succeed? What are the rewards I can earn on my way to achievement?

Goals are an important part of movement and growth. They don’t have to be big, they don’t have to be achieved overnight, but it is important that we have them as they help us to feel grounded and connected to our own sense of accomplishment.

“Am I achieving the goals I have set for myself?” As we come in the new year, let’s give that some thought 🙂

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Photo credit: Me! This is a picture from our fall trip to Chicago as my niece and daughters enjoy posing near “the Bean.”


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