Self-Reflection Question 11

When we look back at what has shaped us, we can ask ourselves this question:

“Who has had the greatest impact on my life?”

We all have pivotal people. We have people who have shaped us, influenced us, helped to move us in direction. There are times when the answer is easy and we are able to list those who have loved us unconditionally and who have supported us in our growth.

But there are times when the person who has impacted us has done so in unhealthy ways; where the impact has come with hurt and pain.

It is important to acknowledge that sometimes the impact that we experience comes in both forms; I often say that we learn just as much about ourselves from what hurt us as from what loved us.

The people of greatest impact may be in our past, no longer with us, or are presently still in our lives. They were perhaps only meant to be part of our story. In any case, understanding the impact is an important part of our self-awareness. It may include the act of grace, the need for forgiveness, the practice of gratitude and being able to pay it forward.

Who has had the greatest impact on my life? An interesting question to think about 🙂

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1 thought on “Self-Reflection Question 11”

  1. this is a great post. my wife, my dad, my g’pa and my father-in-law are/were my positive influences. my mom and dad somewhat were my negative influences


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