Self-Reflection Question 19

When we think about our current circumstances of trying to navigate through a pandemic, it can bring to mind other times in our lives when we have faced challenges or difficult situations. This can lead us to reflect on the question:

“What have I learned about myself through the difficulties I have faced in my life?”

My immediate reaction to this question lies somewhere in the answer of resilience. Overall, the challenges in my life have made me stronger, and yet why is that? Why for me, has it increased my sense of being capable? I have learned:

  • To believe in the power of choice. Is this experience going to make me examine my self-worth, challenge it, and recognize that I haven’t been giving it enough attention? Or is it going to contribute to lowering my sense of self and therefore de-valuing my worth? I choose to learn and grow from it.
  • To have faith. In God, in myself, in the universe, in love. To have faith that light conquers darkness, that the undercurrent of challenging experiences can include feelings of good. To have faith that “No matter what I will be okay.”
  • That I am blessed. The challenges can be tough; they can seem insurmountable at times. At yet, in every one that I have faced, I recognize and acknowledge the blessings that I have been afforded. Those can not be lost to me in the difficulty, but rather strengthen my ability to receive joy.

As Albert Camus stated, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

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