Self-Reflection Question 16

In our continuing series of questions to reflect on, today we explore the thought:

“Write about the place you call home.”

When I think about the current home that I live in, I think about its peace. I have views of the forest and the river. I love the grounded elements that we chose in terms of colour and texture; the walls and shelves feature treasures from all of our travels. I share my home with my loving and supportive partner, and my gentle and soulful-faced Great Dane. I love my home when I sit quietly in my comfy chair first thing in the morning, and I love my home when it is bustling with our children, grandchild and families.

But this isn’t the only place I call home. My home is the house on Albert St that I spent 25 years in; raising my girls, with the patter of footsteps and the lovely sound of laughter. My home is on Borris Rd where I spent my childhood, playing with my sister in the farmer’s fields behind our home, family dinners every night, quiet, languid summers and starry winter nights. My home is on Quinapoxet Lane where we visited our grandparents and American family twice a year; Christmas memories and summer seas. My home is on Ash St; my aunt teases that it is our summer vacation home and really, it is. 🙂 My home is on Mast Rd, where my sister serves family supper on Sundays and my kids come in and out of there as though it is their own. My home is the house on Ivy Ave, where my parents lived for their remaining years; sitting for visits on the swing outside, family dinners, Christmas joy.

These are all the places I call home. Home is far more than a dwelling – home is a feeling, home is family, home is love, home is where I find peace.

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Photo credit: Me! My youngest daughter spending time with her niece 🙂

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