Self-Reflection Question 10

Here is the next question in our Self-Reflection series:

“When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?”

When my girlfriends and I turned 40, we headed to Anna Maria Island in Florida for a long weekend. Part of our adventures that weekend was the suggestion by Kim that we try parasailing, but the caveat was that we all had to go – which for my friend Tara and I was out of our comfort zone. After some deliberating, it was decided that we would go; Tara and I would be partners (they were tandem sails) so as to fight our fears together. I can remember also wanting to go first (let’s get this over with!) and having to wrestle past the nervous energy.

Once we were strapped in, the release into the air from the boat was gradual and relaxed. We were soon at 400 feet and experiencing the exquisite views of the Florida coast and the infinite ocean. I will always remember the absolute stillness that we experienced – it was an unbounded quiet that I have yet to experience again.

Three things to remember?

  1. Don’t get lost in the hesitation. That will keep you in your comfort zone forever.
  2. Take a deep breath. It helps every time.
  3. Remind yourself “I can do this.” We can be our own biggest fan.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is an essential part of our growth. It reminds us that we have the ability to push ourselves past what we thought our limitations were. This can include trying out a new skill, moving past a relationship or job that is holding us back, attempting something new, or challenging a fear.

When we push past our comfort zone, we feel stronger and more capable – creating a balance between what allows us to feel safe and what allows us to grow.

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Photo credit: http://Photo by AJ Garcia on Unsplash

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