Self-Refection Question 12

In our self-reflection series, we move to Question 12:

“What are my small victories this week?”

Based on our current climate of social distancing and staying at home, it is important to recognize our small victories. Mine include:

  • not eating the rest of my birthday cake in one sitting. (This is actually a big victory as it was double chocolate.)
  • having a positive attitude about postponing my birthday plans on Sunday. (We are all doing our part!)
  • figuring out the technical side to HIPPA compliant video sessions. (I can do this!)
  • getting outside every day for our walk along the river. (The earth is still beautiful.)
  • not allowing my fears to take over. (This can be a tough one but every day I remind myself to continue to count my blessings; take it one day at a time, and do what I can to flatten the curve.)

We often focus on our big victories, our milestone accomplishments – but our small victories are part of our every day life; they are the building blocks that pave the way for our bigger goals. Without our small victories, there would be no summit to reach :)

What are your small victories this week?

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