Seven Sacred Teachings; Love – Post 2

Continuing our exploration of the Seven Sacred Teachings of First Nations we look to their second core value as a way to acknowledge the importance of human conduct and how that relates to our well-being:

Love: To know love is to know peace. Symbolized by the eagle, the Eagle was chosen by the Great Spirit to represent the belief that to feel true love is to know the Creator. Therefore, it is expected that one’s first love is to be the Great Spirit. The Eagle can reach the highest out of all the creatures in bringing pure vision to the seeker.”

Love in this sense is unconditional. It is the knowledge that love, when secure, is perhaps the most healing and tender gift we can give to ourselves, to our loved ones and to what surrounds us. It is the love we experience in our vulnerabilities, in the gentleness of nature and in human moments touched with peace and benevolence. When feeling fully secure in love, we know peace.

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