The Shelter of Others

There is something about this photo, captured on one of my walks, that fascinates me.

In looking more closely, there are a couple of elements of interest to this picture. Firstly, you will notice that an evergreen tree has begun to grow out of an old stump; what is decayed and slowly returning to the earth is providing nutrients to what began as a fragile seedling. This new tree is now tied to the history of the stump; much like we are tied to the history of our ancestors.

This small evergreen tree is also living in the shade of a birch tree; it is being protected from the harshness of the elements, allowing the evergreen tree to capture the right amount of rain and sun for optimal growth. Although close, the evergreen tree remains separate. This reminds me of our own growth, whether it be from childhood or simply in the journey of our lives; that although there is an inherent need to strive for autonomy, we do so best in the shade of others.

This photo is a lovely reminder to me that we grow in the shelter of our loved ones.

Photo credit: Me!

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3 thoughts on “The Shelter of Others”

  1. That’s a photo worthy of framing and setting up in a place of honour! That’s one for display above the baby’s crib, as well as grandma’s favourite spot.


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