Simple Yet Difficult Statements and Why We Need to Use Them

Why is communicating so difficult? We tend to feel very nervous when we know a conversation with a loved one is necessary; defaulting to avoidance and convincing ourselves that this issue at work or home is not important or will go away. Sometimes it is that we can’t say sorry, or we hesitate in telling others that we love them.

Statements that are simple, yet effective at strengthening relationships include:

  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Can we talk?”
  • “Thank you.”
  • “You were right.”
  • “I need…….”

Perhaps we weren’t taught to use those statements growing up and now they feel foreign, perhaps we are in a relationship that isn’t safe for us to use these statements, perhaps we hesitate to use them due to our own indifference to the relationship. Despite the reason, the root cause it seems, lies in our fear of vulnerability and susceptibility to rejection. Using these statements requires humility, and an inner sense that even if they are not responded to, we are strong enough to say them.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Yet Difficult Statements and Why We Need to Use Them”

  1. in married life the wife is always right, lol. ive spent my whole life trying to be right and even if you are you still need proof. this has happened once for me, lol. i had the proof.


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