Sitting on the Fence

In an article I read entitled “Why Getting in Touch with Your Mixed Feelings Can Lead to a Better Outcome,” by Clifton Mark and featured on CBC, Clifton explored the idea of ambivalence and how despite, its pernicious reputation, can actually be good for you. Three points that stood out for me in the article were:

  • experiencing mixed emotions is correlated with better self-control.
  • feeling both positively and negatively about something motivates us to reflect on how our different goals fit together and how best to pursue them.
  • mixed feelings are a sign of emotional complexity and depth. 

When we make room for all of our feelings, we are giving ourselves the space to process; this can lead us to increased thoughtfulness, being  mindful to all sides of the story or issue. When faced with a dilemma fraught with indecision, all the more reason to head outside; to the fields, in search of our fence. :)

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