Social Media and Self-Care

These days, technology has become an asset in being able to connect with our loved ones. We all know that social distancing and being cautious are important, and yet we are also aware of how it feels to miss the hugs from our extended family members, the missed conversations at dinner gatherings, the ability to invite a friend over for a chat and a coffee.

I know that to make up for that, I have been checking my phone more often – with two family group chats in place and a friends one as well (lots of love, laughter and pics), I am often also scrolling social media accounts. In our mode of isolation, it makes total sense that we need to also feel connected to the outside world.

When it comes to social media and self-care, this post is not about limiting your time on it (unless that is what you need of course), but rather about creating accounts that line up with your values and what makes you feel supported. It is about unfollowing any people or pages that are not having a positive effect on you when you see their posts in your newsfeed and it is about choosing sites that do.

We may not have a lot of choice right now when it comes to our social life, but we do when it comes to our social media 🙂

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Photo credit: http://Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

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