Soft Addictions – Know What They Are?

I have been listening to a podcast called “The Healing Catalyst” with Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh who specializes in both western medicine and the eastern healing tradition of Ayurveda. In an episode entitled “Identifying Soft-Addictions to Reduce Inflammation,” Dr. Singh speaks about inflammation and how it is often the common denominator of illness and chronic disease. Some of her wisdom that I pulled from the episode include:

  • “There is a connection between the stressors we experience in our lives and inflammation. The bridge between the two which is our choices.”
  • “Stress is a physiological response that happens inside of us. Every choice that we make is either anti-inflammatory or inflammatory.”
  • “Soft addictions are those that we choose to cope and include overeating, drinking lots of coffee, watching too much TV, procrastinating, scrolling social media, compulsive shopping and overworking.”

Singh goes onto explain that what we often see as an acceptable way to cope, can in fact be a “health weakening choice.” The podcast episode features ways that we can reduce such choices through simple Ayurvedic techniques, that she refers to as “Ayruveda for everyone.”

This is a podcast worth listening to. Follow this link to hear the 19 minute episode:

To visit Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh’s website:

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