Sometimes Waiting is the Pits

It is not easy to be in limbo. We tend to like process, action, direction. Sometimes, however; the universe purposely slows things down for us to learn something about ourselves. To gain some perspective, to allow ourselves time to heal, to feel calmer; more grounded.

But waiting is the pits. Because as much as we may not like to admit it, we want our future to happen now. “Bring me the healthier relationship, the better job, the reciprocal friendship. I have decided I want these things, so where the heck are they?”

We have to actively work towards these goals of course; if we don’t, we will continue to repeat the same result over and over again. So perhaps there are times when the universe says “Yes,” and we know that our goal is met because we feel right, good, whole. Sometimes, the universe may say “No” and we will feel discouraged and sad. For you see, the universe can also say “Not yet.” Perhaps you are not quite ready, perhaps the right circumstances are not in place. And as much as it would be tempting to slip back into what is comfortable, to what is familiar, if it is a “No,” then our job becomes to actively wait – as tough as that might be. We must gift ourselves this process in order to allow the space for something better to come along.

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