Soul to Soul; An Important Message from Gary Zukav

In an Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast episode entitled, “Oprah and Gary Zukav: Live from Calgary,” there is a specific passage in which Gary speaks about grief. Oprah refers to a moment during an Oprah show, where Gary addresses the grief of a young mother who has lost a twin baby named Ryan:

“If you looked at Ryan as a soul – like Ira, like Oprah, like me, like everyone on this earth, that left the earth when it chose, then you will have a different perspective. You will be able to see the gift that this soul offered to you during its short stay on the earth. You will reach a place in your life that you are grateful that this soul chose to be with you, however short that time. If you look at Ryan as a soul, a great soul like yourself, who voluntarily entered the earth school and voluntarily left it in order to be with you and to offer gifts, then you will begin the process of appreciating and becoming grateful for the power of the interaction that you had with that soul and you will be able to receive the gifts that that soul came to this earth to give you, to give Ira, to give to his siblings.” Oprah called this a “healing, holy moment” for this young mom.

Soul to soul is a lovely way to remember our loved ones and the relationship we had with them. To have faith that while they were on this earth,  an exchange of gifts occurred, brings a peaceful, settled feeling. It is also a lovely reminder that while we remain on this earth, we too, continue to offer gifts to our loved ones – soul to soul. 🙂

To listen to the full episode:

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