The ‘Space Between’ and Why It’s Important

Being in limbo is a difficult place to be. We tend to like direction, feel better when we sense movement. If the circumstances of our lives create for us a time of limbo, perhaps one of the ways we can cope is to begin to see this time as the ‘space between.’

The ending of a relationship, the loss of a job. The process of grief and our year of firsts. The summer before we enter college, the unknowns associated with just about anything.

We often struggle with limbo; leaning into unhealthy coping strategies as a way to deal with the uncertainty. But maybe this is the time when we are actually meant to slow down the most; to push past the fears of uncertainty and lean into a time of reflection, of tolerating the discomfort, of having faith that things will work out. As they usually do.

The space between, when we can accept it, is often the greatest time for growth. It is a time to build our sense of agency. And when homeostasis is finally achieved, and certainty comes our way again, we can further understand just how grounded we have become by allowing the space between to work its magic.

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