Starting Your Day

I love the quote by Louise Hay that states: “How you start your day is often how you live your life.” Interesting thought, isn’t it?

Do you jump out of bed, feet hit the floor and never stop til your head hits the pillow again at night? Do you wake up slowly, maybe stretch a little to start moving? Do you hit the snooze button so many times that when you finally get out of bed you are rushed and frazzled? Do you head outside to start your day with exercise? Do you pray? Journal? Do you find a reason to stay in your bed, leaving you feeling blue and disengaged? Do you spend some quiet time with a coffee and a book?

It would seem that what is really being reflected in how we start our day is whether or not it aligns with our overall goal of simplicity and the value of being present to our experience. Sometimes it may be difficult to imagine being able to squeeze one more thing into our daily routine so that we can start off our mornings with a feeling of contentedness, but perhaps it is a necessary part of setting the overall tone; not only for the day but for how we engage in our lives as well.

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