Stepping Into Our Potential

I really like this phrase. Not only does it convey that we all have potential, it also provides a nice image. Like the seas standing in front of us, all we need to do to experience its vast promise, is to step forward; to get our feet wet.

We all have potential – to be kinder, to be more knowledgeable, to be healthier, to be dedicated, to be thankful – to work towards the goals we have set out for ourselves. But what, ultimately, helps us achieve our potential? What is the one thing that will help us take that step?

Productivity. Our potential lies in our productivity; it finds itself linked to the actions we take to get to our goals. We can have written them down, figured out how we are going to proceed, but until we take action, they are just ideas and words on paper. Willpower won’t do it; it is tied too much to emotion and if we are feeling blue or unmotivated, our willpower takes a nap along side of us. Procrastination is potential’s greatest enemy, as it pushes for delay and neglect.

In order to step into our potential, followed by productivity, first we begin by examining what our interests and goals for continued or renewed growth might be – as to allow some space on the calendar to build our time.

Step into your potential – after all, it is patiently waiting 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stepping Into Our Potential”

  1. being productive/useful is a key to mental health. i see that in my inability to be useful and do physical things in my daily life.

    • It is true that mobility issues can impair our feelings of being productive; often even the smallest of tasks can contribute!


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