Summer at the Sea

Well if there is one thing that I am missing this summer it is my oceanside vacation. Road trip, catch up with my American family, the sun-touched skin of my girls, iced coffee by the shore, reading to the sound of ocean waves, ice cream, seafood, shopping.

I am not beyond continuing to count my blessings; we must soldier on during this time of uncertainty. To ease my blue feeling, I found a poem. It reminds that, with time and patience, the ocean will be waiting to greet me again. 🙂

Summer’s Splendor By The Sea

– Patricia L. Cisco

Summer’s splendor by the sea,
a gentle, blue serenity.

Caressing rays of golden sun,
blushing, bronzing all who come.

Enticed by its romantic lure,
lovers stroll the sandy shore.

Hushing rhythm of the waves
and salty, misty ocean sprays.

Sea birds echo call of cries,
pierce the deep blue azure skies.

Dolphins dancing on their way
across the sea out to the bay.

A glistening, shiny, sun-soaked day.
All young and old alike at play,

building castles by the sea,
jumping waves and spirits free.

No place on earth as perfect to be
as summer’s splendor by the sea!


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Photo credit: Me! My girls along the board walk at Hampton Beach, NH

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