The Art of Being

We are used to being in the process of ‘doing.’ From the moment that we get up we are task oriented. This is not a bad thing; after all, we get a certain sense of pride when we are productive, when we feel in motion, when we can cross off items on our to-do list.

Sometimes however, in the process of doing, we forget how to be. Being comes from our moments of stillness, our conscious choice to be mindful – of a moment, of the way that the sun feels on our face, on how something tastes or smells. Being comes from our efforts to slow down; to move through the day at a comfortable pace. Being comes from our acts of kindness towards ourselves and others – taking time to make a tea, giving someone a hug, creating space for laughter, smiling at someone you cross paths with on your walk.

Doing is an external experience, being belongs to the internal. Being creates stability. When we consciously focus on our state of content, when we create joyful moments, when we understand that through self-compassion we harness creativity, that by accepting and giving love we push aware fear, we are building mastery.

We are moving in the art of being.

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