The Art of a Skillful Choice

We make choices every day. Sometimes those choices fall into daily living activities such as what we might eat for lunch. Sometimes our choices are emotionally tied to us, such as how we might respond to a text or a comment. Sometimes our choices line up to a bigger life decision, such as whether or not to make a career change. In any case, we can make an impulsive choice or a skillful one.

Impulsive choices are linked to emotion. They are the decisions we make on the fly, based on how we are feeling in the moment. Sometimes we need that spontaneity (“Just go, it’ll be fun!”) and other times we need to slow down before making a choice (“Do I really need the drive-thru burger?”)

How do we make a skillful choice?

  • Pause. There is so much power in the pause. It is what allows the logic to come in to the emotion.
  • In that moment, think about how you are feeling. Spending a few minutes there can give us a better idea of where our motivation to act is coming from.
  • Ask yourself “How is this going to benefit me right now?” Very often, asking ourselves that question can curb impulsivity.
  • Ask yourself “What do I want the end result to be?”

When we can slow down to examine, we put ourselves in the perfect space for making a skillful choice. Tomorrow’s post will walk through an example.

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