The Art of Standing Still

There is a trick to standing still. To waiting. There are times when we keep ourselves stuck, other times when life’s circumstances have grounded us. We usually know the difference. :) I came across this whimsical poem that reminds us that when we look for it, we can see that even when standing still, there is movement:

It was the longest night in winter,

When I sent a question into space,

Asking how I’d ever change,

When I’m trapped in the same place.

And I heard the full moon giggle,

As she cloaked me in her light,

Along with the same swath of stars,

I looked at every night.

I blushed pink as the sunrise,

At the joke I didn’t get,

Until the moon gave me her answer,

In the minutes before she set.

“You have much to learn on standing still,”

She told me with a smile,

“For since you first asked me that question,

You’ve moved five hundred thousand miles.”


A little reminder that even when we feel stuck or hampered by something, we have the capacity for movement. Even the slightest movements can contribute to change.

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