The Changing of Seasons

As I take my walks in the morning, I have seen a shift. Porches lose their summer patio furniture and bagged leaves sit at the curb waiting for pick up. The sun rises later and sets earlier, and for many, it is the season of gray days.

But then we woke up to our first dusting of snow. Looking out at our first snow of the season brings me back to an instant excited feeling; one that I can remember fondly from childhood, a feeling that beckoned us outside. I also notice a cozy feeling; the notion that all is safe when the world is covered in freshly fallen snow. The first snow of the season didn’t last – reminding me that I need to get to the last of the yard work before real winter settles in.

And although the days will become colder and we know that winter is approaching, I like to remind myself this time of year that winter is a sacred season. Nature proposes that winter is a time of stillness and hibernation; a time when we can explore and realign our inner resources to prepare for a season of renewal. As winter blankets nature, so too can we begin to appreciate that change is inevitable and that growth often follows.

Just as nature is preparing for a season of renewal, so can we. 🙂

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