The Covid Hump

I often remark to clients that when dealing with a long term, difficult situation we hit the ‘6 month hump.’ In our experience with the Covid-19 pandemic, that came around mid September – and getting over that hump has proved to be a bit more challenging than we first thought. With increasing numbers, continued warnings of social bubble infractions and the need to be ever vigilant with mask wearing and social distancing, it begins to feel as though perhaps the hump is now a mountain.

But after witnessing how we handled Halloween of 2020, I have started to feel lighter. Once again, my confidence in humanity has been strengthened. Pumpkins were carved and costumes were worked on, but it was how inventive our communities were that helped me to see that we do unite in challenging times:

  • People came up with the most ingenious ways to hand out candy; from tubes or shoots, tables at the end of the driveway, to treat bags attached to make shift clotheslines.
  • Someone in our community posted an interactive map on social media which featured where to see decorated homes.
  • Our local Early On – Arnprior Family Preschool Resource Centre set up a storybook walk featuring a Halloween story. Individual families and school groups could safely walk along the path, reading each page of the story. How fun is that?
  • In our little town of Braeside, there was a socially distanced ‘witches parade’ that took place at dusk; participants walked up and down the streets to the delight of residents.
  • There was a  drive through haunted corn maze at a local farm, best virtual costume contest and some Halloween giveaways from local businesses.

And those are just the ones I happened to notice on social media. People were positive and optimistic; kids were happy. Bottom line? Covid-19 did not take away our Halloween. We made it what it needed to be in order to make it a fun holiday for our children. Together, we are getting over the Covid Hump. 🙂

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Photo credit: This is Jessica Morsink, from Early-On in Arnprior. This photo was used with permission from Early-On, Arnprior Family Preschool Resource Centre.


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