The Problem with Perfection

Perfectionism, like any quality, can be found on a continuum. Some folks may find themselves with perfectionist tendencies, forever pressuring themselves to achieve flawlessness – in their work, state of their home, creative endeavours. Other people may not be drawn to extreme perfection, but aim for excellence or impeccability in their achievements. Sometimes, a lack of understanding of something philosophical or existential in nature, can prompt us to getting it right – another subform in the lure of perfection.

Perfection can impose itself as integrity. When we achieve something we are proud of, it reinforces that grounded and whole part of ourselves. Imagine then, the allure of having acheived it perfectly? Unfortunately, perfection is a subjective and therefore impossible task. What looks perfect to me, may not look perfect to you, and so on.

Instead, perhaps we can begin to remind ourselves that what is of greater importance is progress, not perfection. As we aim to fulfill our goals and our continued desire to grow and to accomplish, we can achieve the centered wholeness of integrity, not by achieving perfection, but by focusing on the progress. The onward movement towards a destination will allow ourselves to develop as we add valuable experience to our growing wisdom.

“Progress, not perfection;” a lovely reminder when we feel the pull of the imposssible. 🙂

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