The Right and Left Brain; Post 2

Yesterday’s post explored the different functions of the left and right brain. Although we can often imagine that they work independently of each other, they work together. Here are some examples of how both sides of the brain tend to contribute to our understanding and processing:

  • We hear someone tell a story. The left brain will compute the logistics required of language such as grammar, whereas the right brain will be working at linking meaning, tone and metaphor.
  • You have a math question in front of you. The left brain is working at the equation itself, the right brain helps by being able to estimate.
  • You are looking at someone who looks familiar, but can’t place them in the moment. The left side will be putting together the facial features, the right side eventually links them to the whole person.
  • You are at a paint night. The right side is able to visualize the whole picture and will help you with highlights and shadowing; the left side brings about the critical eye we need to make changes for a realistic picture.

Understanding that our left and right brain work together can help us to have a greater appreciation for the complexity of the brain and how it works towards creating optimal functioning. Tomorrow’s post will look at tips to keeping our brain active and sharp.

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