The Space Around Us

We often disregard the importance of how our home and surroundings impact our emotional health. When we are feeling blue, we will often look to the circumstances of our life; what is happening in our work, relationships, and the interpersonal situations that those may bring us. We may attribute some of our struggles with lack of exercise or improper diet, or how busy or sedentary we are. Although all of these do have the capacity to influence our emotional health, so do our surroundings.

When we look at our home or office space, is it neat or cluttered? Does it feel organized or chaotic?

How is it decorated? Do we have elements of cozy? Is it colourful? Would someone be able to walk into our space and be able to tell things about us based on our style and what we choose to display? Would they be able to tell who is important to us from our space?

When we look outside, what do we see? Are we able to bring elements of nature inside our home through colour or art? Are we able to enjoy our outdoor space? Is it inviting?

We can begin by exploring how the space around us makes us feel and from there make small decisions in order to bring about change (if needed.) Perhaps it begins by making living space neater, purging closets, painting a room. Perhaps we make plans to bring more colour to the yard, or set up some white lights to enjoy in the summer evenings.

Perhaps it is an inherent need to feel settled in our surroundings; for when the space around us feels good, we feel good.

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