Things I Have Learned in High School: Guest Blogger!

Today my blog is written by a guest; my eighteen year old daughter, Layne :) While recently on vacation, I invited her to write a post for my blog; I gave her “carte blanche.” What she came up with was quite insightful. Good job, kiddo!


Things I have Learned in High School

  • Your self-worth is most definitely not based on “likes.”
  • Having quality friends is more important than being popular.
  • Very few boys are emotionally mature – their actions are usually never about you.
  • No one really cares how you look; they’re usually too focused on themselves.
  • Doing your own thing is far more enjoyable than following a crowd.
  • Any drama will be irrelevant in, like, a week. Just stay out of it.
  • Be nice to your teachers; they will be nice back.
  • Where you fit in the social hierarchy in high school really does not matter in life.
  • Don’t be afraid to look silly; do what you do with confidence.
  • The really cool people aren’t the popular ones.
  • Always look forward.

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  1. I see my grand daughter in a new way. I feel confident that she will be a person in the world who will make life happen instead of settling for life happening to her. God Bless!!!


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