Things to Consider: Post 1

Although New Year’s Resolutions are a very individual choice, perhaps one way to welcome in the new year is to consider adopting some habits that will benefit our emotional wellness. In a series of posts, let us consider these important tips for creating balance and remaining grounded. Today’s post is about the importance of the pause. 

We live in a fast paced, success driven world. We often move from one task to another, we have way too much on our plates, and we feel obligated to perform at a level that doesn’t leave much room for rest or a re-setting of our nervous system.

We also have learned over time to be reactive versus slowing things down in order to respond. Doing so in such a way as to be measured and thoughtful. And our ways of communicating have taught us that impulsivity is okay and we can expect immediacy at any given time.

When we slow things down, purposefully and consciously, we are giving importance to the pause. We are taking a deep breath; we are asking ourselves, “How do I want to handle this?,” we are taking time to complete each task with timely purpose. We bookend our day with self-care, we reset ourselves at lunch with a walk, we spend time in nature, we plan times of rest, we learn to say no.

2023 awaits us. Let us make this a year when we place importance in the pause. We will be happy we did. 🙂

Tomorrow’s post continues our things to consider.

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2 thoughts on “Things to Consider: Post 1”

  1. i love this post. i think we living in a hyper race. hence, road rage, people getting overly upset in food places, just to name a couple. i think GOD started the pandemic to slow people down and its not working. so it keeps going

    • Hi Brian, thank you for your feedback. The pandemic did show us that we could slow down for sure and I think that some people took that as a valuable lesson; others, not yet 🙂


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