Things to Consider; Post 3

Moving right along in our series on things to consider in the new year, today we explore being conscious of our energy. Part of living a balanced life is to be able to pay attention not only to our phsyical energy level, but to our emotional energy as well. When we worry and ruminate, when we over-extend ourselves, when we don’t get enough sleep, or we put ourselves in a position of saying yes without thought, we are depleting ourselves. Some things to consider when being conscious of our energy:

  • respect your need to rest (importance of the pause)
  • learn to say maybe – this allows you to decide if you have the time, energy and support to say yes.
  • Ask yourself, “Do I want to give this much of my energy to this worry?”
  • Be aware of your vulnerabilities when you are tired – get some fresh air, focus on getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Plan for some stillness in your day.
  • Pay attention to the overwhelm and consciously slow things down.
  • Take a deep breath.

Being conscious of our energy allows us to create a greater sense of groundedness; allowing ourselves to better manage our days. A valuable thing to consider as we continue into the first week of 2023.

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