Things to Consider; Post 5

In our concluding post on things to consider for the new year, we take a look at being accountable to ourselves. We often hear that healing begins with us; that true growth comes internally, that structural change comes from within. And yet we have a natural tendency to seek change externally; we look to be validated by others, we turn to external things to soothe ourselves, we convince ourselves that in order to love ourselves, another must love us first.

Being accountable to ourselves; both our physical and emotional health, is foundational to being grounded. When we can begin with ourselves, we temper down jealousy and envy, we understand that change begins with us, we accept that we all have some growing to do.

If we have an unhealthy habit, it is our job to create a healthier one. If we have learned a poor way of communicating, it is our job to improve it. If we have never learned to self-soothe, it is our job to take care of ourselves. If we make a mistake, it is our job to repair it. If others treat us poorly, it is our job to not tolerate it.

Being accountable to ourselves is neither selfish or ego-driven. It allows us to love more deeply, it creates healthier relationships, it builds resilience. Being accountable to ourselves allows us to pause when we need to, temper our critical self-talk, be conscious of our energy, and to only carry what is ours.

Let us welcome 2023 with the notion that the starting point is us. It is the energy within, the light that pulls to shine :)

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