Things to Remember About Anger

Anger can be an intense emotion. It can sometimes get the better of us and we may say or do something we later regret. Here are a few things about anger that can help us to understand this complex emotion:

  • Anger tends to isolate us. No one pokes an angry bear, right?
  • Anger is an emotion that serves a function. It is often our frustrated or angry feelings that prompt movement. Working towards righting a wrong can help us not only in processing the anger, but in affirming that we can exercise choice.
  • Hitting something actually increases hostility. You are much better served to focus on deep breathing and talking yourself down.
  • Know your triggers. We all have instances or situations that can make us feel angry fast. When we know our triggers, we have greater understanding of why the anger is so intense.
  • Walk away. Leaving the situation can help diffuse it – making sure that you communicate that you are doing so. When calmness returns, it can be revisited.

It is okay to feel frustrated and angry; those feelings are simply informing us of something. It is acting on the anger that can get us into trouble. We are much better served to slow it down, figure it out and move towards the effectiveness of doing so.

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