A Thought From Gary Zukav

In his best selling book entitled “The Seat of the Soul,” Gary Zukav has this to say about intention:

“When an intention comes from your heart, it brings the energy of your heart into your action and creates experiences for you. When your intention is not from your heart, it brings fear into your action and creates your experiences. You must be aware of what you are feeling and thinking in order to recognize the difference.” 

He goes on to mention that we can ask ourselves this question as a mini checklist:

“Is my heart open? Is it clear, grounded and inclusive?”

If your answer is yes, your heart is open and your intention “keeps you in touch with the whole.”

What a great reminder when we are unsure of our intention. If our fearful feelings are potentially leading us to an action urge that we may regret, we can ask ourselves about our intention and whether or not it is being driven by fear or by love 🙂

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@nicolafioravanti

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