A Thoughtful Intention for When We Disagree

When we differ in our opinion to another, or feel strongly that we must disagree, it can often come across as a lecture or as an attack. In Marianne Williamson‘s book “A Year of Miracles,” this excerpt from Day 36, struck a chord with me:

“Help me to disagree without blame, to share without criticism, and to debate without demonizing anyone.”

If we can keep this thoughtful intention when it comes to our heavier conversations, what a difference it could make. When we allow ourselves to be open to someone else’s opinion while keeping these principles in mind, it can lead to a constructive or restorative conversation instead of an interchange where we were driven to be right.

Keeping this lovely intention in mind will help us in our objective to be mindfully present.

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2 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Intention for When We Disagree”

  1. A tall order! And reminds me of your recommendation of curiosity as a default position, it’s as useful here as it is in anxiety. Thanks Kristine.

    • Hi Gurlie,
      It is a tall order for sure. Anger is one of those emotions that is often hard to regulate- but what a better position to be in when we can.


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