Tools of Change; Post 5

In our final post on the tools of change, today we explore practice.

We have come to the time of fully putting our desire to change into action. And that will invovle practice. If it is a habit we are trying to break, or a new lifestyle we are trying to adopt, the more we practice new habits directly affects the reinforcement effect. If it is a challenge we are faced with that inevitably brings change, we must practice a new way of being, of adapting. During these times, we can practice self-care, practice asking for help or support, practice our conscious decision to seek joy despite our feelings of grief or sadness.

If we are faced with a situation that requires our action (finding a new job, moving into a better suited space, deciding to date again), we can practice putting our end goal to task by following through on our smaller tasks that need to happen in order for our objective to be met.

Practice, practice, practice. As a quote from Shawn Allen reminds us, “Skill comes from consistent and deliberate practice.” And with that comes a greater sense of self, a well earned feeling of accomplishment, and the rewards that are inherent in the process of navigating change.

Our tools of change have included actualization, direction, self-compassion, connection and practice. I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it as it has stood as a wonderful reminder that change, despite it inevitability, can be met with courage, faith and a sense of renewal.

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